The secret to a Victoria Secret Body… Ballet Beautiful!

By Alice Dore-Jones

I’m what you call an exercise fangirl. I’m obsessed with finding better and more effective ways to work out.  As such, one of my methods is to stalk Victoria Secret models on Instagram to find out who is training them. My theory is that these models have to work with the best in the business to maintain/create their bodies for their livelihoods. So, the people they train with are the shizz.

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Four tips for an easier life

By Lucy Hulm

Earlier this year I read the book ‘The happiness project’. It is a book where the author explores what makes people happy, the theories and philosophies of happiness and the things she did in her life to increase her own happiness.

It isn’t a book that says do X, Y and Z and you’ll be happy, but it gets you thinking about small things you can do in your life to make yourself happier.

I like being organised and using my time efficiently. It’s not all party and celebrate, a lot of our happiness comes from having the small things in our day to day life the way we like them. Here’s four things I put in place that have made me happier:

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Seven pregnancy essentials

When I got engaged, I went to a wedding expo and found that someone was ready to sell you everything from doves to personalised underwear to a chauffeur driven pink hummer. If you had a spare dollar someone was ready to take it. Much like that expo, I’ve found being pregnant involves an endless list of things you should buy. I’ve sorted through the junk to give you my top seven.

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The hack I learnt to finally lose weight…

By Alice Dore-Jones

Okay first up I’ll be honest there wasn’t a magic bullet and instead there were quite a few life lessons along the way. Simply, I had to learn A LOT not a little to finally shift the kilos.  To give you an idea of where the starting blocks were when I began all of this… I use to think banana bread was a health food and brown sugar was the healthy sugar (like brown bread or brown rice). Yup, I had tons to learn.

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Spa serenity

Remember when you were a teenager and you thought at age 30 you’d have two kids, be driving a BMW and definitely have fantastic hair and skin? I’m pretty certain I believed in that dream even up until about a week before I turned 30, when I realised the closest I was going to come to the BMW was that one weekend when we got a convertible hire car, and Jason, my pet fish, was the highest my level of commitment was willing to extend to.

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