Dating it’s a piece of cake

By Alice Dore-Jones

The life of a dating lady can be hard.  Figuring guys out can be tricky and keeping your sanity on the rollercoaster that is meeting new people can be difficult. If only you could find your life-partner with the ease you choose your favourite slice of cake… Well maybe you can!

Always here to offer a helping hand CHALK has come up with a handy dessert based guide to assist you when navigating your way through the dating scene.  Armed with this knowledge you’ll see dating really is a piece of cake…

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The F-word: is feminism really a dirty word in online dating?

Creating an online dating profile is much like marketing or shameless self-promotion. You have your product (that’s you), the promotion (the ‘About me’ section in your profile) and you provide physical evidence to support your claims (your photos). While there is perhaps a little more art than science involved in creating a ‘good’ online profile, the aim of the game is ultimately to differentiate yourself from comparable products in the market.

It’s a crude analogy likening people to products but as a marketer by trade I’m a firm believer in comparative analysis and so earlier this week I jumped online to peruse the dating profiles of other single women my age – purely in the interests of market research of course.

It’s fair to say that what I discovered ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.

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Let’s talk about sexting baby


People who use emojis have more sex. Or at least that’s the finding of a recent study conducted by the highly credible and scientifically reliable source

Their survey results revealed that singles who used emojis in their text messages had more active sex lives than those who relied on words alone, because science.

Forget the sweet nothings, it’s emojis that will get you laid. Here’s our quick guide to help you on your way!

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