Good old fashioned fun

My sister turned 30 recently and I was looking for something to do that was relatively local (to Canberra), a bit out of the box and could be fitted into a day trip. I was keen to take her to see the Southern Highlands for the first time and stumbled (read: Googled) across an Alpaca tour in the Southern Highlands at Birrong Suri Alpacas.

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Learning to ski as an adult (also letting go of dignity)

I grew up in Queensland. While we have lovely beaches and warm winters, there isn’t much snow, and unless your family is the kind who does regular family holidays (mine wasn’t thank goodness – we would have killed each other) the chances of learning to ski are slim to none.

However, when I moved to Canberra, as my first (freezing!) winter approached, I started hearing people chatting about Perisher, Thredbo, chalets and skis. Who were these crazy people who wanted to leave cold Canberra to go to an even colder place and risk life and limb (and pay an exorbitant amount to do so)?

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Complexity and contradiction: uncovering the “real” Jakarta

By Kate Taggart Indonesia’s relationship with Australia can be described as tumultuous at best, with past allegations of spying against the Australian government, embassy bombings, terrorist attacks, the “turning back the boats” saga and sadly, the recent execution of two Australians on death row. But beyond the headlines and the beaches and bars of Bali, what do most Australians really know about our neighbour, its people and their culture?

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