Detox time? What about a vodka detox?


It’s January… So by now I’m sure everyone has heard words such as “detox”, “cleanse” or “diet” mentioned by someone. The person was most likely in the activewear they were given as a Christmas present when they uttered those words.

I must confess I’ve been that person. The type that thinks a few weeks of OTT healthy living is a good idea after weeks on the wine & cheese over the festive season. The truth is that it’s better to just be consistent.

You’re far better making a few tweaks or just committing to a liveable plan rather then going into something you can’t maintain and makes you miserable.

I personally hate detoxing. I’ve learnt the hard way from attempting to do one that it makes me very unlikable. Anything which places rules results in myself feeling like I’m missing out and I become a grumpy bitch.

Last year, I knew detoxing wasn’t for me. So, I developed my own version of a detox and called it “The Vodka detox”. The rule was simple:

  • Drink vodka, lime and soda when you have an alcoholic drink.
  • Eat healthy but just go back to what is normal. Cheese, take away and ice-cream everyday are holiday foods- just go back to my normal eating habits.

This works for me for a few reasons:

  • It means I don’t end up with a bottomless glass of wine. You know the type at functions that keep being topped up and you have no idea of what you had to drink.
  • It has one of the lowest calories per serve for an alcoholic drink.
  • I’m actually getting some water into my body as I drink- this can’t be bad for me right?
  • It stops me from going into rounds and I keep track of my own drinks.
  • I’m less likely to have a vodka with dinner like I would a glass of wine.
  • I can still feel like I’m having fun without overdoing it.
  • I’m not mixing drinks.

I think we can all agree the “detox” part if probably more for comical value, so I can see people pull a face when I say I’m detoxing while drinking vodka.  I did this for three weeks. When I felt like my body was rested, I let wine back into my life.

Ever tried anything like this? Anyone detoxing at the moment? Anyone not drinking for a while?


One thought on “Detox time? What about a vodka detox?

  1. Brewsker says:

    I completely agree with this sentiment. There’s no point denying yourself everything and launching on a mission that isn’t sustainable. Much better to make small tweaks that you will actually continue and which do still make a difference to your health! I know you don’t like the word, but I’ve just written a post all about detox and how we get toxic in the first place. I would loved or you to take a look if you get a moment!

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