The secret to a Victoria Secret Body… Ballet Beautiful!

By Alice Dore-Jones

I’m what you call an exercise fangirl. I’m obsessed with finding better and more effective ways to work out.  As such, one of my methods is to stalk Victoria Secret models on Instagram to find out who is training them. My theory is that these models have to work with the best in the business to maintain/create their bodies for their livelihoods. So, the people they train with are the shizz.

Now, anyone who has read this blog before knows of my love for Kayla Itsines. I personally credit her for teaching me to train in a more effective way, strengthen my body and renew my love of exercise. But sometimes one trainer isn’t enough..  I know that Victoria Secret models for instance don’t just rely on one trainer…

lily alridge victoria secret train workout

Check out Lily’s training for instance on this Vogue video.

So, even though I know I’m just a mere mortal why not look to the wisdom of these VS models to achieve my goals… And like that into my life entered Mary Helen Bowers the founder of Ballet Beautiful!


Everyone from Candice Swanepoel, Lily Aldridge, Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes have talked about how training with Mary Helen has helped transform their bodies.


So I was super keen to give it a go. However, the first time I watched a video on youtube it turned me off. I have zero grace, I’m not a dancer and hearing the word arabesque scared the shit out of me. So, I put the idea of giving it a go into a box and packed it away on the shelf of “no F**king way”.

Then I saw photo’s of Lara Bingle post baby body and man was she looking good… like better then ever good. In usual fan girl mode I started digging to find out info on who she was training with and what they were doing with her. And you’ll never guess what her Instagram account revealed…  Lara had taken up ballet beautiful with a trainer called Mary Helen Bowers! Duh!

lara worthington ballet beautiful

So, I decided to put my big girl shoes on (aka Ballet Slippers) and give this method a go. Now, I’m not ready to give up my girl Kayla. She has helped me achieve so much. Therefore, I decided I would stick to Kayla twice a week, walk/jog three times a week and  every day I would pick one of the Ballet Body 10-15 min videos to do.

Well that was over two month ago and I have to say I’m loving the way Ballet Beautiful delivers a very targeted burn. I’ve been using the BeFit Youtube videos. I’ve found that by mixing these up I’m targeting a different body part each workout and these have been a great way to try out her method for free.

I thought Kayla was hard. Mary Helen smiles at you across the screen and encourages you with a super sweet smile but I secretly think she’s trying to kill me. Cause man the burn creeps up on you and suddenly your butt/abs/inner thighs are on fire!

I really love how she encourages you to stand tall, hold your body and I’ve found you don’t actually need to have the grace of a ballerina to complete the exercises- Phew! Especially cause you’re doing it in the privacy of your own home, so no one needs to see how well you’re performing the moves.

I would highly recommend trying the Youtube videos and just mixing them around. Like I said I do them on rotation. You can buy videos on her website but I feel like Youtube has been a fantastic introduction.

Basically, I’m telling you that if this is good enough for Miranda, Lara, Candice and Natalie Portman then it’s good enough for you (and me)!

For me an ideal week would look like:

Monday: 20 min Cardio on gym equitment- Ballet swan arms or lean arms


Tuesday: Kayla legs- Ballet bridge


Wednesday: 9km walk/run ballet abs & ballet inner thigh


mary helen inner thigh

Thursday: Kayla abs- ballet butt


Friday: 9km walk/run ballet outer thigh


Saturday 9km run/walk ballet abs & ballet bridge



Video links:


If you search Mary Helen Bowers or Ballet Beautiful on You Tube you can access other videos that are worth trying too.

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