Captivating Chalkers: Lorraine Elliott (AKA Not Quite Nigella)

By Alice Dore-Jones

We’re big fans of food here at Chalk.  We’d go as far as saying our day falls into two constant stages: 1) When we’re eating food and  2) When we’re thinking about eating food.  So, it’s with this love of food that we came to be #fangirls of this fabulous lady-  Lorraine Elliott AKA Not Quite Nigella.

On the blog Lorraine delivers a treasure trove of everything that is wonderful about food. She has:

  • Amazing restaurant reviews from all over the world (not just Sydney). A personal favourite is the night she and three friends drove round and sampled 11 pizza shops- that’s 10 hours of pizza eating! She writes her reviews in a fun and accessible way that brings to life the experience of being there.
  • Recipes that even the likes of us can follow and are accompanied by great imagery… Did someone say food porn? Lorraine has a knack for sharing meal ideas that modern girls want to cook. Her site has you covered for everything from show stopping dinner party mains to a cake that can be made in 5 mins!
  • Travel.  Lorraine has a passport and she’s not afraid to use it! Lot’s of helpful tips about places all over the globe.

To us Lorraine personifies what we think Chalk is all about.  With hard work, perseverance and not being afraid to take chances along the way she has managed to create a fantastic must read website and published book.

As such, we thought she’d be a great person to kick-start our Captivating Chalkers series with. We’ll now be bringing  you captivating, clever, creative people from around the world on a regular basis to inspire you and share what they themselves have chalked up to experience…

lorraine elliott not quite nigella

What is one thing you do everyday to look after yourself and you’d recommend to others?

Listen to my body. Being your own boss and a sole trader can be challenging but if I feel like I need to take a break, I do. If I feel like I need to eat something in particular I eat it. I figure my body is telling me about needing something for a reason.

not quite nigella water colour cake

Our bodies are telling us to eat her Watercolour Cake

Favourite place in the world?

Curled up in bed. Or travelling. Which doesn’t make sense does it? 😉

not quite nigella lorraine elliott

The best career advice you ever got?

Be persistent and be brave. Don’t worry about what other people think if you don’t know them or they aren’t your friends. Experts get things wrong too.

jamie oliver not quite nigella lorraine elliott

Your best beauty tip?

Wear pearls. They add a glow to your complexion.

pu pearls not quite nigella

What’s your go to weeknight dinner?

I’m a big fan of roasted vegetables. I can put them in the oven and do work and 20-40 minutes later (depending on what they are), they’re ready!

roast vegetables

If you like the sound of this then try her Roasted Winter Vegetable Salad!

What is your favourite room at home and why?

Bedroom. It’s where I relax and unwind (and watch tv).

Lorraine Elliott Not quite nigella

If you’re dining out, what cuisine is your favourite and who does it best?

I love Japanese cuisine. It’s so wide and varied. Depending on what we feel like eating at the time (izakaya, ramen, sushi etc) determines where we eat.

ume not quite nigella surrey hills japanesesushi not quite nigella

What is the best cooking tip you could share?

Season food well. It’s the final step and can mean a bland meal vs a tasty, satisfying meal. If a meal isn’t seasoned then I tend to eat more of it.

roast fish not quite nigella

Last but not least…

The Quick five

not quite n

All images are via Lorraine’s instagram account- here.

Go check out her fantastic site- Not Quite Nigella

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