Four tips for an easier life

By Lucy Hulm

Earlier this year I read the book ‘The happiness project’. It is a book where the author explores what makes people happy, the theories and philosophies of happiness and the things she did in her life to increase her own happiness.

It isn’t a book that says do X, Y and Z and you’ll be happy, but it gets you thinking about small things you can do in your life to make yourself happier.

I like being organised and using my time efficiently. It’s not all party and celebrate, a lot of our happiness comes from having the small things in our day to day life the way we like them. Here’s four things I put in place that have made me happier:

  • Online grocery shopping

My husband and I used to do our grocery shopping ad-hoc. We’d drop in on a daily basis and get what we needed for a meal. Basically we wasted money, food and time. I’d hate having a long day at work, driving home and realising we had nothing for dinner – having to drop by the shop, battle the lines, get home and then eat a really late dinner.

Now from home I do our grocery shop. It arrives at our door, they bring it into the kitchen and boom it’s done. Best thing ever. No lines, we plan our eating for the week ahead, we are saving money and wasting less food. I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have food in the house. Also, with a newborn this can be a massive help!

  • Unsubscribe to emails

Remember signing up for that newsletter? Or promotional offer? Or competition?

And now you get emails from them that you just delete time after time. Did you know that at the bottom of most of these emails is a link in the footer that lets you unsubscribe. In literally two clicks you can take your email address off their mailing list and say good-bye to the annoying emails! So easy and your inbox will now only have the emails you really want to look at.

  • Buy a good hairdryer

I hate going to bed with wet hair or running late cause I’ve got to dry my hair quickly. I had this old hair dyer that took forever. It may sound simple, but I finally splashed out and brought a really good one. OMG – who knew a hair dryer could make you happier? I love it – it heats up and dries my hair super fast. It is life changing!

  • 10 minute clean up

We try to do this before we go to bed. My husband and I do a quick 10 minute clean-up. It is amazing how much you can get done and how much of your mess is just things that need to be put away. It is nice waking up the next day to clear and clean spaces. A little each day also means that when it comes to the weekend we aren’t spending our time cleaning up, we can just get on with our weekend.

Remember a little can go a long way. It’s about finding those little things which can add value to your life and make it less complicated, so you can enjoy yourself!

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