Seven pregnancy essentials

When I got engaged, I went to a wedding expo and found that someone was ready to sell you everything from doves to personalised underwear to a chauffeur driven pink hummer. If you had a spare dollar someone was ready to take it. Much like that expo, I’ve found being pregnant involves an endless list of things you should buy. I’ve sorted through the junk to give you my top seven.

1) A pair of maternity jeans and sTockings


Okay – so Blake Lively made a claim that she didn’t buy any maternity wear, sticking to clothes she had in her wardobe. That is probably fine if you’re tall and people send you custom made clothes – however for the rest of us – give in and buy maternity jeans and stockings.

I brought two pairs of jeans from H&M and they have been worth every penny. I was able to wear my normal jeans to about 20 weeks, but then I looked like a 50 year old man with a beer gut hanging over the front. Not a great look! Maternity jeans have an inbuilt band that comes over your belly, which is supportive as well as making sure you don’t have any crack showing plumber moments.

A796587In the same way, maternity stockings meant I could wear dresses during winter, while having my legs covered. Target had some great ones for only $10.

2) Bio Oil


Read a celebrity interview about their beauty routine while pregnant and most will recommend an oil of some sort. Bio oil just happens to be the one I’ve been using. Your skin stretches as your baby grows and on some days can feel very very tight. Sadly it isn’t just your belly – its boobs, thighs and hips. I’ve been using the oil two times a day for a few reasons – apart from the claims that it can help prevent or minimise stretch marks (which I’m happy to report at 36 weeks has held true) it has been great for:

  1. the dry skin you can experience during pregnancy. With all the hormone changes my skin dried out. This also happens in winter with the combination of hot showers and cold air. The oil has helped my skin find a balance.
  2. itchiness – lots of preggo women get very itchy skin on their tummy. As the skin stretches and pulls you start to feel an uncomfortable itch. The oil has helped keep the flexibility/moisture in my skin and prevent itching.

3) Up the duff


While pregnant, you’ll get lots of book recommendations – I’ve found this one to be a good mix of useful information and humour. Let’s face it there is lots about being pregnant that can be hard to discuss – think constipation, varicose veins and extra saliva (oh yeah you hot mess). So having a book you can read and go – Oh thank goodness this is normal – is handy.

4)  Week by week guide

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 10.36.41 pm

You can get an app or subscribe to a website where they’ll send you weekly updates, or like me you can just google ‘what to expect week XX’. My week came around on a Saturday, so every Saturday I’d google the week I was up to, say ‘what to expect week 29’ and I’d get a little blurb about the size, weight and development of my baby that week. This was a really fun thing to read to my husband – he’d have a chat to my belly about how well she was doing with all her growing and I’d give him an update on what she’d been up to that week. Well done on growing legs this week.

5) Maternity massage


This one is really a no brainer. Like anyone in the history of the world said, oh please don’t rub my tired arching back. I hate lying down and relaxing. I’ve had two during my pregnancy – you’ll need to book into someone who knows how to give massage to a pregnant person – that means the thai places I normally go were out. Instead I went to the QT Hotel spa in Sydney – oh my f*cking god – I would of named my first born child after that woman it was so good. I’ve since found a place in canberra that specialises in pregnancy massage and it was really really good. I also got a rebate back from my health insurance. I’ve booked another one already. Treat yourself.

6) An organiser


I’ve said it before, but you’re going to have a lot of appointments while pregnant and things to keep track of. I double booked myself – so I started writing it all down and things were much easier. I’m generally pretty organised, but this also helped me plan out a budget (pay days till baby arrives) and my leave arrangements. Did I mention I have 5 working days of work left…

7) zucchini spaghetti maker


This one is for my gestational diabetes ladies. Although, I’m a huge fan and would recommend to everyone. When I had to give up pasta, this baby came to my saviour. Just grab a zucchini and twist, 1 minute later you have perfect strands of zucchini which are as good as spaghetti. Plus it is an easy way to increase your veggie intake. I got mine from Wheel and Barrow, but most homewares shops sell them now. You will not be sorry.

Here’s a list of other bits and pieces you might consider:

  • Vitamins – you’re doctor will likely recommend them, I’ve taken them throughout.
  • Pregnancy pillow – I brought one and slept with it for one night. It was not right, I am now sleeping with four pillows… I sleep on my side, with one behind my head, one between my legs, one behind my back and one under my belly… it is hilarious!
  • If you’re healthy, you may not have a regular GP – it is worthwhile doing a bit of research and finding someone who can see you through your pregnancy, but also become your family GP when bub arrives.
  • Confession time – this week I put a chair in the shower… a cheap plastic chair. It is heaven. Yes I’m one step away from being classified as a beached whale… but I don’t care! We have a really small bath and it isn’t really comfortable getting in and out of, but standing in the shower after a day at the office was also hard work. Enter the chair.
  • Comfortable shoes (don’t faint fashionistas!) I rocked a heel for a while, but I got a pair of padded wedges and they have been great for work.
  • Bonds maternity singlets – these are comfy and stretch over the bump.
  • Asos maternity range is really good. You’ll find them cheap and guilt free. You’ll only need them for a few months and it isn’t worth spending a fortune, they are stylish and delivered quickly. It is worth checking out the sale range as well, being the opposite season to the UK there are some great buys – I got a great maternity jacket for $40.
  • Elasticised everything.



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