The hack I learnt to finally lose weight…

By Alice Dore-Jones

Okay first up I’ll be honest there wasn’t a magic bullet and instead there were quite a few life lessons along the way. Simply, I had to learn A LOT not a little to finally shift the kilos.  To give you an idea of where the starting blocks were when I began all of this… I use to think banana bread was a health food and brown sugar was the healthy sugar (like brown bread or brown rice). Yup, I had tons to learn.

So, I want to share the  number one thing that pulled all those lessons together. Drum roll please…. I wrote down what I was doing each day in terms of eating and exercise.


Yep, I simply started to track what I was doing. Cause folks you might think you’re being healthy but when you start to make a record of what you’re actually doing vs what you think you’re doing you learn there is a mighty big difference.

Before keeping track I’d have weeks where I thought I’d nailed it but for some reason saw no results. Then when I started writing it down, I noticed the things that were holding me back. Was I exercising as much as I thought I was?? Not really. Was I eating the food I thought I was? No chance! There were heaps of times I thought I was being healthy but then most days eating things like cupcakes co-workers bought in or chips off my husbands plate. I just wasn’t factoring those things into how I was actually living.

When you start to write it down you start to see that these little one off’s are actually happening all the time and the diet you have in reality  is very different to the one you thought you followed. I also saw patterns. Like when I worked late if I didn’t bring a snack, I ended up at the vending machine.  Time to make new patterns.

Also, it made me accountable. It made me look over my day and answer to myself if I’d set out to achieve what I wanted. Like if I missed exercise it made me take note of it and plan to catch up before the week was over.

Give tracking your diet and exercise a go for a couple of weeks. It might surprise you how motivating it can be to write up a day where you tick off all your goals.

I’d recommend making a calendar where you can pop on things you have coming up too and use it as a planning tool for other parts of your life. If you know your heading out for a big night on Saturday then make that day your rest day and get your exercise done around that.

Note- I would never get into calorie counting. I think when you start to nitpick food you start to become obsessive and that’s no fun at all. This is about seeing if you’re following the goals you have set for yourself and learning more about what you’re actually doing. Hope this helps you!


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