Spa serenity

Remember when you were a teenager and you thought at age 30 you’d have two kids, be driving a BMW and definitely have fantastic hair and skin? I’m pretty certain I believed in that dream even up until about a week before I turned 30, when I realised the closest I was going to come to the BMW was that one weekend when we got a convertible hire car, and Jason, my pet fish, was the highest my level of commitment was willing to extend to.

As for my hair and skin, while I’d loved and lost a good many hairdressers in my life (hairdressers should never be allowed to have children/move overseas/get injured) and I’d experienced blemish free skin for the majority of my adult years due to taking the pill for over ten years, things have changed in the past year.

Sometime last year I decided that I was sick of taking medication every single day and filling my body with artificial hormones (let alone the apparent reports that our water supply is contaminated with hormones from the pee of all the women taking the pill, ewww). I stopped taking the pill and enjoyed about six months of continued clear skin. Then my body got hold again and, to be blunt, everything went to shit


So, after battling with the skin of a 16 year old (but without the elasticity and optimism of youth) I decided to call in the professionals. I booked myself in for a one hour facial at Endota Spa. Holy moley, it was amazing. It was so relaxing that I literally fell asleep and started snoring (ha, classy 30 year old lady). The products they use smell so good you will want to eat them. And best of all, my skin started getting better. While it’s still a work in progress, my beauty lady (is it politically correct to say that?) has changed my skincare regime to organic products, I’m having fewer breakouts and the ones that I do have not quite so catastrophic.

For your hit of zen, check out their website at

Note: this is not a paid review.


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