Good old fashioned fun

My sister turned 30 recently and I was looking for something to do that was relatively local (to Canberra), a bit out of the box and could be fitted into a day trip. I was keen to take her to see the Southern Highlands for the first time and stumbled (read: Googled) across an Alpaca tour in the Southern Highlands at Birrong Suri Alpacas.

While it was a bit difficult to keep the surprise element going (bring your gumboots. Why? Um, no reason), the real surprise was the absolutely fantastic tour. While I knew the alpacas would be goofey and cute, Fiona, our guide and the owner of the farm was informative, friendly and a great guide. We learnt about the alpaca industry, met the baby alpacas (cria) and enjoyed a lovely afternoon at their picturesque farm. Even the friendly farm border collie came down to say hello!

The tour is highly recommended for big and little kids alike. While the average age of our group was approximately 31, a family with two small children were on the tour with us and enjoyed meeting the alpacas (although, I ‘m pretty sure that the baby was more interested in eating the hay himself than feeding it to the animals).

Check out their website at

Whoa bro…..



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