A workout to get legs like a Victoria Secret model

By Alice Dore-Jones

Confession time..  I’m a little obsessed with Victoria Secret models and their amazing bodies.  So, when it came time for me to switch up my fitness routine recently I decided to see what moves their trainers had them doing.

Don’t worry  I don’t think I’m going to end up with a body like they have (I’m five foot two after all) but I know they have access to some great trainers and they target the body parts I’m keen to improve.

These two mini videos of Lily Aldridge show some great moves.

For outer thigh and butt:


For inner thigh:


This video with Lindsay Ellingson shows some more great lying down leg moves. I love the tap back and fourth move.

This video with trainer Justin Gelband shows a great way to work on the butt and inner thighs, while working your core.

A work out to follow with these moves

Lying straight on your side (like Lily):

1) Leg raises – 20 each side

2) Leg raise with knee coming coming down to the mat- 20 each side

3) Leg raised circles- 10 each side

4) Inner thigh lifts- 15 each side

5) Inner thigh circles- 15 each side

Lying in a V shape (like Lindsay):

6) Leg raise taps- moving leg front and back- 20 taps each side

7) Leg raise where you run leg along grounded leg and then kick up- 10 each side

On all fours like Justin Gelband demonstrates:

8) Leg kick ups with a crossover kick sequence- 10 each side

stretch it out and your done!

I think if you added this work out and dd it at least once a week you’d see some great toning. I like to add 1kg ankle weights to add more resistance and a lot more burn. Don’t race through the moves, it’s more important to keep your form and do them correctly.

Good luck with it and remember summer bodies are made in winter!

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