Grit and bear it…

I joined a new gym a few months ago. To put this in context, I was previously a member of Fernwood, which I loved (nice change rooms, clean equipment and it just smelled good). I’ve now joined Gold’s. You know the one where Arnold Schwarzenegger trained when he looked like he could squish you between his two fingers?

When I joined the staff member was quick to point out that they had recently implemented a ‘no posing’ rule, because to be honest, it made some people feel uncomfortable. What, you mean I can’t wear my sequin string bikini and flex my slightly suspiciously masculine arms?

So Gold’s is a bit different, but I felt like I needed to change things up. While they do offer some of the traditional gym classes, like RPM and bodypump, they also offer a range of Les Mills classes called ‘Grit’. To be honest, Grit did not sound enjoyable. Grit sounded like hard work. Because I’m the sort of person who likes to know what I’m getting myself into, I did a bit of Googling and found a YouTube clip of a Grit class. I watched their oiled up bodies, with beads of sweat running down their defined arms and thought, hey they look just like me. Not. I thought, ok this doesn’t look like it’s going to kill me, maybe just cause a non-life threatening cardiac episode.

I’m not going to lie, the best thing about the Grit classes are that they are 30 minutes long, and you are so busy that by the time you get to the end you don’t even notice that the class is over. They’re kind of like bodypump on steroids (but obviously you would never say that about any class at Gold’s because there are definitely no steroids used by anyone ever in any of their gyms). If you’re bored by the same seven song combination of bodypump and bodyattack, I’ll see you at Grit. I’ll be the one up the back discretely practicing my poses (or alternatively, I’ll be the one who rushes in late and refuses to take off their jumper until the warm up is over because I’m a sook)…

P.s here’s my after photo



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