Let’s talk about sexting baby


People who use emojis have more sex. Or at least that’s the finding of a recent study conducted by the highly credible and scientifically reliable source Match.com.

Their survey results revealed that singles who used emojis in their text messages had more active sex lives than those who relied on words alone, because science.

Forget the sweet nothings, it’s emojis that will get you laid. Here’s our quick guide to help you on your way!

Masterchef fans might be shocked to hear that the humble eggplant is more commonly used in emoji texting to symbolise male genitalia (along with the corn cob, banana and rooster):


For the ladies, there are a range of cats (you do the math) to choose from depending on your mood:

cat emojis
And if furry felines don’t float your boat, rest assured your emoji keyboard has plenty of other metaphors for those lovely lady parts:

box emoji

Still unconvinced?

Well when it comes to bums, it’s really emoji’s time to shine! It’s fleshy and it’s round. The peach is a juicy double that would make even Sir Mix-A-Lot (or Kim K) proud:

kim kardashian

Other popular emojis to add to your sexting repertoire include:

hand emojis

fire water air

mouth and tongue


And if you’re not in the mood, look no further than the “no deal” lady:

no way emoji
Now that you’ve got the bare necessities covered, the only limit is your imagination.

wink emojiWant to test your emoji sexting literacy? Click here to take the online quiz.

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