An online shopping hack to get items on sale

By Alice Dore-Jones

I love to pay full price when I hit the shops… said no body EVER.

Follow my steps below and you’ll know every time you shop online that you have paid the best possible price for an item. 1) Compare online shops. I find an easy way of doing this is to type in the item I’m after in to google. For instance, “Finders Keepers watch dress dark polka dot” in to google and then go to the images section. Here I can see pictures which match the item. By clicking on different images of the item you can track down different shops that might have it for sale. Then you can see what each shop has to offer (EG free postage, on sales, etc). I’ve ended up buying things many times from small online boutiques because they just happen to have the item for sale.

2) Find a discount code. Once I know who stocks the item I’m after I’ll do a search for a discount code to see if I can get the item on sale from the site. I find by typing “[store name] discount code” in to google, I can call up sites where people have listed discount codes that might be on offer for that shop. EG is a popular site for getting discount codes. If you dig hard enough you can normally find something. Stores like The Iconic and Fashion Bunker often have active discount codes on offer.

Also, read the search results as listed on google in the web section, as sometimes google might pick up a code on something like the shops Facebook page or their Twitter feed from when they have promoted it to their followers. Oh and sometimes old discount codes still work (sneaky sneaky!).

3) Always check the returns policy because if you have to shell out for postage to return an item if it’s not right, then you might end up out of pocket. A risk you need to weigh up,

Hope this helps justify going ahead and making a purchase this week 😉


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