Bump ahead

By Lucy Hulm.

As I shared a few weeks ago (ten to be exact) – I’m having a baby later this year. I thought it was time to give an update on what’s been going on and things I’ve learnt so far.

Week 25 

It’s fair to say that most of my life I’ve been in the normal range for my weight. Being a shorty (157cm) I’ve found that a few kilos extra on my frame make a big difference. One thing I have to deal with is on top of this, is being a twin. I make lots of jokes about  ‘would it really make a difference if I exercised more and ate better?’ the thing with having a genetic double running about in the world is that I know the answer is yes.

Imagine for a second what it is like having that genetic double step it up recently as seen in posts  My week living like Miranda Kerr and Six things I’ve learnt from doing Kayla Itsines plan and how I finally got abs in my 30’s. So while, my body is growing onwards and outwards, my genetic double has been developing a six pack. The thing is she eats like a saint (I’m talking no cake) and exercises a lot (even when it rains and is cold).

I did have this idea before being pregnant that I would watch what I ate and maintain some exercise. The reality is that chocolate never tasted so good, I’ve developed a once a week habit for Oporto burgers and my energy levels have been down, so I’ve lacked the get up and go to exercise.

The key for me has been to embrace what is happening to my body. Overall I’ve been focusing on how amazing it is that my body can do this (if not a little freaky). My husband must have been pulled into a van and given a 101 lesson on what to say, because whenever I make a joke about my boobs turning into bush-women boobs or being wider than I am tall, he finds a way to tell me how great I look (with a hint of truth).

The other bonus is that the baby is kicking like crazy all the time and it is a little reminder that something great is coming. There is a lot of pressure on women to look and feel a certain way at all times of their lives (let alone when their genetic double proves it is possible). I say do what makes you happy and if that is eating chocolate sometimes, while eating an apple other times than don’t stress.

Find your balance and don’t worry about what you could, should or would do – just own what you are doing and live with it.



  • You’ll be amazed what clothes you have in your wardrobe that are ‘maternity’ suitable. I’ve found that my wardrobe has narrowed considerably, but I’m equally amazed at what I can still wear from my ‘normal’ clothes. Yes I have a pair of pants I’ve named my house pants, which I walk through the door and change into quickly, but overall it hasn’t been too bad. H&M have great maternity jeans, asos have a good range for more formal wear and target has been good for basics.
  • Bio Oil is really good stuff. Like really good. I have been putting it on twice a day and found that it has really helped my skin, which is stretching everywhere. Helpful tip I was given, don’t forget about behind your knees (who would have thought).
  • I went to a physio class, where they gave tips on posture, sleeping position and understanding the physical changes to your body. It was actually really good and helped me understand some simple things I can do to support my back better, minimise the stress on my body and get sleep. It was a free class through my hospital. You’d be surprised how many free classes they have for expecting mums and their ‘support’ person to attend.
  • You start counting things in weeks, like you’re on death row. (Sometimes it is an excited count down, other days it is a time is moving too fast count down).
  • Finding out the sex of your baby is a surprise when it happens. I don’t feel like I’ll regret it for one moment when I get to meet ‘her’. It is really sweet walking through the door at home and my husband yells out ‘how are my girls today’. (We are keeping the name a secret).
  • You need a really good calendar/year planner. If you’re like me, you might not be used to having lots of appointments or things months out. Having something to write it all down in, as soon as possible is really helpful, as pretty soon you’ll be booking in blood tests, birthing classes, pregnancy yoga, doctor check-ups, ultra-sounds, hospital tours and so on. Oh and this is on top of your 9 to 5 full-time job. It pays to get organised.
  • Some folks will talk about how they raised their children in cardboard boxes, with a blanket fashioned from feathers they’d collected and how they stayed home. Mothers these days abandon their children for others to look after, buy $600 co-sleepers and have colour schemes. At the end of the day, my view is that if a $600 co-sleeper in a colour coordinated nursery makes you feel better and gives you confidence, then spend the money and paint the room. Don’t worry too much about what they did back in the day. Worry more about what you’re doing today. Worrying about judgement and if you’re making the right decisions is a lot of pressure to put on yourself. I’m really trying to find what’s right for me and my husband.
  • Every week, my husband and I read the section of the baby book about what happened this week (e.g. your baby now weighs X and is XX cms from rump to crown). Every week something amazing happens – like I grow fingers and toes, a spine, a brain – I am growing a brain! It really does blow the mind!
  • If I have to hear about the women giving birth on the side of the road one more time… I ask you, when was the last time in Australia you walked down a road and had to cross over as some poor women had taken up the path to give birth? Not to mention that those women probably had super increased chances of dying! I get it, people have been giving birth for thousands of years, I’ll be fine.

Things I’ve googled

  • What do babies really need
  • Are ultrasounds ok
  • Why am I getting foot cramps (pregnant)
  • Can I eat <insert food type>
  • Nursery ideas
  • Normal weight gain when pregnant
  • Is being thirsty a sign I have diabetes
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Relaxation and breathing
  • What is a doula
  • when will my belly button pop out
  • I’m 16 and pregnant (where are they now)


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