Target and Kmart: The new cool kids on the homewares scene

By Alice Dore-Jones

Something strange has happened lately… I’m spending more time at home. This is strange because given the choice between a night in and one out, I will always pick the night out.  This change, I dare say has something to do with saving money (boring), being in my 30’s (say it ain’t so) and not being fussed to line up for drinks (champagne in the fridge wins every time).

Being at home more has bought about a desire to have nicer things in my apartment. This is also coupled with the fact that during the course of my work I have occasion to go into designer houses for photo shoots and when you see how nice places can be, you kinda want a bit of that too.

The problem I faced however was that I wanted to nice things but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. So, for a while nothing got done. Lot’s of people suggested Ikea as a solution. However, Husband and I have made a promise that for the sake of our marriage we will try to never shop there again. It’s nothing against the place but we can never seem to find what we are after and always end up in a conversation about where our lives are taking us… NO MORE IKEA!

Then suddenly, as if the gods of homewares had heard my prayers Kmart and Target transformed their approach to the ranges of goods they stocked. In what can only be called a game changing shift their items for sale were suddenly on trend, on point and fantastically priced.

I’ve become a little obsessed with their ranges now. In fact two of my new favourite Instagram accounts are:



These accounts show how items can be styled and cool hacks for using items in clever ways. For example, that canister can be a vase, that candle holder can be a table lamp base and so on. Clever stuff folks!

So, I did my first online order with Target and got a range of items to decorate and lift the boring spaces of my apartment. I would recommend the click and collect service where you by it online and then they gather up all the items, box them and you go in and collect them. Easy!

Here are a few of my purchases:


This is a nook in my bathroom. I used this round dish as a tray for perfumes. Then a pot and candle holder to dress it up.  (Fake plant from freedom).


On our coffee table. I dressed up the space using: Silver candle holder, a canister as a vase (great idea for splash of marble for less) and a platter as a tray. (Flowers from freedom and candle was a gift).

I’m not the only one to discover Kmart and Target in the Chalk group.


Kate is loving her lamp.

Lucy has found key pieces to decorate spaces within her home and also her nursery (these are just a sneak peek, Lucy will be showing us all the finished product soon!)


The wall art is super cute (as is the puppy) in her office.


How cool is this copper lamp!


I didn’t know you could have feelings for a cushion… but I’m in love! The stool is pretty cool as well.  (Both sold out online but keep an eye out for more at Kmart)

1490960_10153334805206667_1671799836_n       11245347_10153334805186667_215871734_n

Also, these shadow boxes are a cool way of displaying trinkets (Tip: paint them to suit your colour scheme).

 Happy shopping!

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