Is being thirty really that dirty?

By Lucy Hulm.

Sometimes being in my thirties doesn’t feel like a big deal at all – its just another number right?

Then there are days when I feel like I’ve turned into an old lady.

There are others days when I feel like I’m still in my twenties:

The issue with turning thirty is that you are sandwiched between two worlds, the twenty somethings with their care free lifestyles (the one you feel your leaving behind) and the forty somethings, the responsible, settled down types (the one you’re not ready for).

But here’s the thing I realised the other day about being in my thirties, it really is the best of both worlds.

Just because you hit the big 3 – 0, you don’t just wake up and you’ve figured it all out. You’re still pushing yourself every day, learning and challenging yourself to do better. You’re still gonna have bad hair days and there is always going to be some dickhead at work to contend with – somethings don’t change with age.

The difference is – you know yourself better. You know what you’re capable of, you know what you want, you have boundaries (like ‘I don’t look good in mid-drift tops) and you’ve already learnt some of the hard stuff – and so have your friends.

I was catching up with girlfriends recently and we were talking about love, life and the universe – sure we still had issues, the difference was the great advice friends in their thirties can give you.

Most of us have had that heart breaking break up, that epic fail at work, that family drama, a health scare, a money drama, a baby question and what the hell am I doing with my life moment. Unlike in your twenties when the advice you get from your friends is some guess-estimation, advice from friends in your thirties is kinda been there done that solid advice (the kind your mum gave you in your teens that you didn’t listen to – what would she know).

An example advice you get at 2am in the morning from your friend

Twenty something conversation:

Girl one: “I just got a text from Jack asking if I was free, do you think he likes me?”

Girl two “He totally likes you, he might be the one, you should text back!”

Thirty something conversation:

Girl one: “I just got a text from Jack asking if I was free, do you think he likes me?”

Girl two “Its 2am, this just means he couldn’t find anyone to hook up with tonight and is texting around to see if anyone else is available to go home with, sorry, but if he texted you before midnight he likes you, after midnight he just wants sex”

So next time you’re feeling like being in your thirties is totes bad (the kids are still saying that right?) – just remember, you’ve got a bag of tricks you didn’t have in your twenties and friends who know a thing or two. Oh and your car insurance is cheaper.

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