Forget worrying about a pretty face – use your confidence

It’s the age old theory – attractive people are more likely to be successful. And apparently there is some science behind it.

According to a story on attractive people usually get hired sooner, get promotions more quickly and are paid more. From an evolutionary perspective it all makes sense. If we are driven to find the most suitable genes for the continuation of our blood lines, it makes sense that attractive people are going to be perceived as just being, well, better at things.

But I think there’s another element to this story. Attractive people are also more likely to be confident. And where does confidence get you in a business meeting, or in a discussion about a pay rise, or in a job interview? It gets you closer to what you want. Think about some of the really successful and less than attractive people (hello Donald Trump) and their personality traits. So maybe there is a confounding factor here, and something that we can all use to our advantage.

Looking for tips to increase your confidence in the work place? provides some tips on harnessing your inner lioness to build your confidence at work. And don’t feel like you have to go for all of the tips at once – start with one that you feel most comfortable with, integrate that into your work style and move on from there. You might even find that as your confidence builds so does your satisfaction in your job.



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