How to get better sleep – a follow up

I don’t mean to brag, but I get about eight to nine hours sleep a night. Read on for Caroline’s tip on getting a good night sleep.

But before you start drooling with jealousy, I’ll explain that my husband is a teacher and he likes to keep the same bedtime hours as his primary school aged students, and I wouldn’t exactly call my sleep ‘high quality’. More often than not, my zeds are filled with vivid, ridiculous and sometimes enthralling dreams. Most nights it’s like watching a French art house film that could be interesting but really makes no sense when you think about it.
As a result, I’m a bit of a stickler for ‘sleep hygiene’ so I was really interested when I came across as Instagram post this week from the Clean Program (if you haven’t read about the Clean you should), which talked about pre-bedtime routines and mentioned F.Lux.
Intrigued, I checked out their website and it’s a software program which you instal on your computer and it modifies the light from your screen according to the time of day and your indoor lighting. Genius. So if you really can’t put down your iPhone before bed (or like me, you set the alarm on it, or use a meditation app before sleep), you can minimise the effects of the back lighting. This is probably even a good idea for the pre-dinnertime blog surfing period, to let your body know it’s not day time anymore and sleepy times are around the corner in a few hours.
If you’re interested in installing or finding out more check out their website at
Other reasons you shouldn’t bring your iPhone to bed….

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