An amazing beauty life hack

Get the occasional pimple? You will want to read this.

I remember being 16 and thinking anyone over the age of 20 must have perfect skin. Surely once you get over those awkward hormonal teenage years we all turn into clear-skinned beauties?

Well we might be beauties but I for one definitely still get pimples. Not as bad as when I was a teenager but they are still annoying. And I know I definitely still pick at them. I’d rather have a red spot than a puss filled Mount Vesuvius on my face.

So what to do when you’ve got that little bit too far? I will let you in on a secret. Try a dab of Betadine on the pimple. If it doesn’t clear it up overnight it will definitely speed up the healing process. It can be a bit messy, so pop a bandaid over the top if you are worried about getting the yellow goop on your pillowcase or sheets.




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