Cop it sweet (giveaway)

Metallic is in this season. You can’t open an interior design magazine or website without seeing golds and silvers sparkle across the pages. But don’t forget about copper.  Read on for your chance to win a beautiful copper clock! The warm tone lights up any room, while adding a touch of glamour. I’ve been renovating and we are using white, grey and timber in our pallet. It felt a bit dull and I wanted to find a way to introduce some metallic pendant lights that would become a feature – I’ve been looking at some copper options.


If you like the copper trend as much as me – get excited as one lucky reader will win the Lisa T Copper Clock (see number 2 on my favourite copper finds board). This baby will be sure to add some glamour to your home! Just see the competition page, follow the links and get entering! Winner announced next Monday (see terms and conditions). Here are six of my favourite copper finds: Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 12.28.47 am

  1. Bass Strait Set of 2 Deep Wire Baskets – Domanye
  2. Lisa T Rock Couture Rose Gold Clock –Target
  3. Ando 1 Light Pendant in Copper/Glass – Beacon
  4. Limited Edition Print – Throw Glitter in Today’s Face by Laura Blythman
  5. Hönefoss Mirror – Ikea
  6. Knap Copper Bed – Freedom.


poppytalk-copper-jessica-hanson-sam-mcadamcooper3-624x926 Photo: inside out magazine (sourced from October edition) 914403_240298949512923_1104972740_n Photo: myhaveninteriors_ (sourced from instragram)   c-healds.-p-copper-luxe-bedroom.cr_article_banner_img Photo: Heals (sourced from:

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