Sephora face masks aka your secret weapon to awesome skin

By Alice Dore-Jones

I’ve got a wedding next weekend where I will be a Bridesmaid. The Universe seems to know about this and has been toying with me over the status of my skin.  Will I have spots? Will it be clear? Will it be glowing? Will it look tired and gross?

Faced with this issue a good friend of mine told me about the Sephora face mask range. She said that her skin felt plump and bright after using one and likened it to having a facial.


That information had me considering buying the masks. However, I was hesitant as they sounded a lot like the SK-II facial treatments that everyone raves about. Brilliant but out of my price range. This is where I get to tell you the exciting news about Sephora’s face masks… these babies are a mere $4. Yep, we are talking about a bargain beauty find!

It gets even better. There is a wide selection to choose from and they take on everything from anti-ageing, brighting, hydration, smoothing, toning and blemishes. So, what ever your issue there is a mask for you.

I went for Rose which is the ultra-hydrating and brighting combination. I selected this one, as it was the type my friend had loved and the idea of supple skin was appealing to me.

There is something not quite right about wearing the mask… My advice would be to warn loved ones you’ll be rocking it around the house as it’s a little scary!


The tip with these is to put it on a night. Leave it on for the recommended 20 minutes. I, myself left it on for much longer, as I just threw it on while watching a TV show and left it there for the duration. Then peel it off and head to bed. Don’t wipe off the excess product. Instead leave it on your skin to sink in overnight. Then, in the morning just wash your face under the shower.

My skin felt really good. It was soft and had a pearl-ish shine to it. I felt like I do when I leave a facial and I really couldn’t believe it was down to this mini at home treatment.

I’ve now bought a five packet #addicted (when you do this you get the five masks for the cost of four).  So, if your looking for a secret weapon to better skin and not wanting to pay a fortune try these out and let me know what you think.

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