Cauliflower pizza base

By Alice Dore-Jones

So, I don’t want to alarm anyone but pizza isn’t the health food it’s been pretending to be. Take a moment to take this information in. I know I’ve just turned your world upside down and in that one sentence you feel like you’ve just sat through “Supersize” me all over again. But fear not! This yummy cuisine is not lost to you just yet and by grabbing the bull by the horns you can take control of this situation.

The solution… make your own pizza including the base. You can even go so far as making  this one, which even your green juice drinking, obsessed with chia seeds and yoga friend will want to eat.

Enter the cauliflower base.

I followed Not Quite Nigella’s recipe to the letter and you can get it here.

A couple of things I’d mention about making it:

  • I found it tricky getting the water out of the cauliflower. To make the base crispier it needs to have as much water removed as possible. When you think you’ve removed as much as you can, you will need to keep going as every little bit counts.
  • Do let the cauliflower cool down. For my attempt, it didn’t help that the cauliflower mixture was still very hot and maybe needed longer to cool. So, basically if I’d been more patient it wouldn’t have been burning my hands and easier to get the water out.
  • I did not have baking paper- using aluminium foil with coconut oil is not a good replacement. I had to peal the base off at the end.
  • You do have to face facts. This is not a pizza in the traditional sense but it’s a pretty nice alternative.

1) Making the base

2) Cooking the base

3) The final product!!!

It looks like a pizza, it smells like a pizza and it kind of tastes like a pizza!

I really liked the taste and found the cauliflower added an overall sweetness. It does have a crumbly texture but I think if you got more water out of the mixture then that would disappear. It is really healthy when you think about what ingredients have gone in to making it and you can top it anyway you see fit.  I found half a pizza with a side salad and some sweet potato chips to be the perfect “fast food” style dinner without eating rubbish.

Bon appétit!

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