Bun in the oven

Which one of the chalkers is pregnant?



I’m super excited to share with you that baby Hulm will be arriving in September! Over the coming months (or trimesters as we in the biz like to say) I’ll be sharing my pregnancy journey.

To kick it off here are my first impressions of being pregnant:

1) I am so thirsty all of the time. I’ve taken to having water with me all the time. Most days I feel like I’m waking in a desert and haven’t had a drink for days (when in reality it has been minutes). This is not a great combination as I suddenly need to pee all the time as well.

2) The first 12 weeks are the most optimistic while anxious time in your life. What if this happens, but it’s ok if it doesn’t. I’m going to be a mum, maybe, probably, hopefully, this is so exciting, but don’t get too excited… And so on… Even after we made it to 12 weeks, at 15 weeks I had some unexpected bleeding and had to call into emergency and then have an ultrasound to see what was happening. The baby was just chillin, kicking back, no worries in the world. Meanwhile I was a relived mess! Everything was fine – but it did two things, made me realise how attached I’d become to Simcy (Simon + Lucy = baby Simcy), and how lucky I was to be doing this with Simon.

3) I’m closing a chapter, just like when I turned 20 and had to say to myself  ‘it is no longer possible for me to be a teenage Olympic gymnast – I need to surrender the dream, I’m past my prime’.  I’m about to say bye to selfish “do as she pleases” , likes  sleeping, Lucy. Its been fun sleep ins, I hear we’ll catch up again in 20 years..

4) Started to read ‘What to expect when expecting’ which I think should be renamed ‘side effects galore’. It is really just 100 chapters of symptoms you could experience while being pregnant. Kind of like reading the list of possible side effects on a medication information sheet. You read it thinking, I guess they have to tell you that some people experience this, but surely you don’t get everyone?

5) Am I ready – my sister reminded me a few years ago that kids were for life. Ocassionally I hear this again. This. Is. For. Life.

6) Bio oil doesn’t come in a pump pack.

7) I’m so tired – like exhausted. Simon has been cooking all our dinners (something he would say he used to do anyway, while I pretended to chop things and get plates out to look busy like I was doing something to help… now I couldn’t even be bothered – cook me my dinner and bring it to me. According to my app my body was busy making baby ears today and I was working full-time!).

8) I used to joke with a colleague at work, that you never know when you’re going to need to run a marathon, so to be safe I carb loaded every day, just in case. The day I finally ran a marathon I texted her and said, turns out carb loading finally paid off. For a couple of weeks, all I wanted was pasta, garlic bread and more pasta. Baby must be a future marathon runner and carb loader…

9) Speaking of training, I’ve done zero exercise for weeks, unless you count walking from my car to my desk at work. It has occurred to me that I trained for 8 months to run that marathon and it was only 5 hours… perhaps I should start training for labour? When I say to people, its only one day in your life and I’ll be fine – some kind people are quick to say, it can be longer than a day! Thanks.

10) Horror stories – please keep them to yourself. Why do some women feel the need to come out with things like: “No body told me and I think you’ll find it useful to know you….” No I don’t find it useful.

11) I’ve brought one thing… a cute pillow for the nursery. Obviously not practical or a priority. I’ve found it really hard to buy things as it is a combination of naive (what do you need nursing pads for?) and not being keen on green, grey or yellow. Simon reminds me that I am a natural born shopper and it will only take a couple of weekends to get everything. For those that know Simon, his good at researching things – his in charge of the pram. We’ve decided to find out the sex of the baby, partly because I’m impatient and partly as a planner, I feel like it will help me bond and get ready for the baby.

12) Wholly moley – leave, work, career, day care – part-time – what’s a girl to do! So many options. Going back to point 2, you’re trying to plan for the best case that this baby is snuggled in and will be coming in 9 months, while not getting to far ahead of yourself. Lets just say, I’m still working through my options on this one!

13) Princess Kate rocked the look and so am I – with dying my hair out currently, those little grey hairs have started to make a reappearance. Unfortunately, I don’t have a personal hair dresser on stand by.

14) Clean eating, my body is a temple. I’m making human life….Blah, Blah, Blah! Oh, I really need some chocolate to get through today. Basically, I don’t smoke, I’ve given up all alcohol and I keep finding out foods I can’t eat for these 9 months. This temple needs a few vices!

15) Can no longer watch one born every minute again – story lines and subjects are now super relatable.  Like the one I watched on the weekend, where after the baby was born, the lady had a clot, which built pressure up behind the placenta, forcing chucks of the placenta to shoot out her vagina onto the floor like a murder scene and all the doctors had to run in and stop the bleeding. See point 10.

16) Who are these women who get away with not having to buy maternity clothes? Sure the carb loading might not be helping, but I have officially hit the heaviest I’ve ever been. My. Whole. Life. One pregnancy book said “Found yourself at the end of the first trimester, and have put on 4, 5, 6,  7 kgs? Just remember, you’re eating for two – but one of you is really, really, really small.” I’m excited the bump is getting bigger (still at the awkward phase of is she or isn’t she pregnant). I have put on 3.5 kgs so far (for 17 weeks) which I’m ok with.

17) Have been really lucky and had no morning sickness. I’ve read that many women take comfort in morning sickness for the first 12 weeks as it is a sign of the pregnancy hormone. I worry that by not having morning sickness, it is a sign the pregnancy is at risk. I have now realised, that this comfort line is something someone who vomits for days at end tells themselves to make it worth it. Return to carb loading.

18) Seeing my baby for the first time and hearing the heart beat has been truly amazing. I’m just feeling so lucky.

Leave a message for Lucy below – tips and must buys!


5 thoughts on “Bun in the oven

    • chalkitupaus says:

      Thanks Nicky! I’m so excited! I still remember working for you – you were the first women I’d ever known to work full-time, running your own business and have three children. You were really one of my first role models for work and motherhood in action. Thanks for the well wishes!

  1. Lisa says:

    Lovely Lucy!

    Congratulations! We are all so very excited for you.

    In regards to best buys for baby, I found love to dream swaddles a life saver to keep baby nice and snug while sleeping.

    Remember to take a bit of time to pamper yourself before baby comes. Indulge in pre natal yoga it is a great way to prepare for labour and a great chance to bond with baby.

    And remember despite all the advice you will get swamped by from other mums, you will know what is best for bub- follow your mama instincts!

    Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Lots of love xxx

    • chalkitupaus says:

      Thanks Lisa – I’m really excited to be having a baby! Thanks for the tips. Simon and I have been trying to do a bit more lately to enjoy the time before bub comes. I’m due in September – same as you!

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