Just add water

By Lucy Hulm

A beautiful trend this year in interior design is watercolour. Think soft muted tones, blending together giving a translucent diluted expression of colour. Watercolour is a gorgeous way to add colour to your home, it is soft and calming, which makes it great for a bedroom. A669842 Photo: Target Australia

Here are six of my favourites: Screen Shot 2014-07-13 at 7.58.31 pm

  1. Origami Lamp Gradient – Studio Snowpuppe
  2. No Pressure 3 Print – by Belinda Marshall – Lark Store
  3. Watercolour cushion collection – Eden and Wade
  4. Ecology Watercolour Aqua Dinner Set 12pc– Kitchenware direct
  5. Disolve Mug in Bone China – Freedom
  6. Watercolour wall clock – Six things shop

Inspiration watercolour_tags_01

Photo sourced: Eat Drink Chic


Photo sourced: Pinterest

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