How much water should I drink?

By Alice Dore-Jones “Let’s catch up for drinks… How about grabbing an ice cold glass of water?” said no body ever. Much like Homer Simpson says, “You don’t win friends with salad”, the drinking of water isn’t always our go to beverage. But it should be.

Read any health story or beauty tip list and what are you guaranteed to see featured?


There is something kind of magical about keeping your body hydrated that makes it just work better. It really is such a simple thing to do but many of us just aren’t getting enough (wink wink. Nudge nudge). We’re paying for green juices, coconut water and herbal teas but we’re not doing the most simple step there is – just have more plain old water. So, what’s stopping us from jumping on board?

Okay let’s face it, water is kind of boring. It doesn’t have the pep up that coffee has, the sugar buzz that juice/ soft drink has or the drunken fun times wine has.  Water is the nice guy of beverages and you want to date the bad boys. But you’re smart enough to know bad boys might be fun but they’re no good for!

Here are my tips for sneaking more water aka the good stuff into your day:

  • Have a big glass of water as soon as you wake up. I try and have one with a fresh squeeze of lemon in it. This activates your metabolism instantly and acts as a liquid broom that sweeps through your intestines, moving old remains and sludge through, to be evacuated (I think you can guess what that means). This helps you for the day ahead, keeps skin clear and is a nice ritual to start your day. In winter I love this with some ginger and warm water.
  • When I get to work I top up a bottle which is 750ml and then try and get through it and fill it up during the day. I have it at my desk and make a point of getting at least one round in during the day. When I’m bored and about to go snacking I try to drink some water- this doesn’t always work but hey I’ve at least got some more water in.
  • At home that night I try to have a few glasses of water as my evening goes by. I take a glass of water with me to bed.

But how much water is good for you?

Some say 2L and others say 3L- who is right? Do I need to have as much as my friend who is taller and larger then me? Does size matter?

This lead me to find a useful formula:
Water (in litre) to drink a day = Your Weight (in kg) Multiply by 0.033
According to this I’m doing okay. It also explains why some days I end up at the bathroom multiple times because I’ve overdone it.
So catch you at the water cooler soon 😉

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