Link loving for the week

It’s the end of another week and we’ve got some light Friday night reading to get you ready for the weekend.


If you’re feeling a little down and out at the end of the work week then The Balancing Act has some great tips to get you feeling alive again this weekend > read more


The cooler autumn air has me dreaming of sun, white sandy beaches and snorkelling in the crystal blue seas of South East Asia. One of the region’s lesser known tourist destinations is currently top of my “must see” list – the Philippines (pictured above). Travel blog the Planet D provides a very convincing 10 reasons as to why this should absolutely be your next travel destination (and who am I to argue?) > read more


My most trusted source of career inspiration and work wisdom comes from the blog Career Actually, authored by career guru Carole Brown. The online career values card sort is a great reflective tool to boost your self-awarenes – an essential ingredient for effective career and leadership development > read more


Full time work, part time study and a 4 year old mean that interior design is not exactly at the top of my life priorities list just now. I did however find comfort reading this article on why it’s perfectly OK to have a messy house and felt almost semi-normal about the permanent trail of destruction that litters my interior space:  Barbie clothes here, bandaid wrappers there (my 4 year old is fascinated with being a doctor at the moment) and a constant trail of sand from preschool shoes (it’s like a daily dose of the Sahara whenever we take them off) > read more


For all you MKR fans out there, the big news this week is about Pete Evan’s paleo cookbook for babies and kids. It features recipes such as “DIY baby milk formula” which is derived from a concoction of boiled chicken livers and vinegar (yummy!), touted as the next best thing to breast milk for young infants. Surprisingly it has been pulled from shelves due health concerns (go figure!?) and has put poor paleo Pete in a pot of hot water amid calls for the ACCC to investigate false health claims > read more


Lately I’ve been feeling restless and stuck in a rut. Something’s got to give and perhaps my hair colour is a relatively safe place to start. These hair colour trends for 2015 are an excellent source of inspiration > read more


This week photos from the ultimate hipster Vegas wedding went viral. I’m not sure if I love them or hate them. Whilst my inner cynic wonders how spontaneous the nuptuals really were with a professional photographer in tow to capture every trying-too-hard moment, the photos are nonetheless a visual treat and my inner-grungy 13 year old self is secretly coveting the bride’s badass pink hair and nose ring > read more

Happy Friday!


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