Beauty tip – how to have clean hair for longer

By Lucy Dore.

When I was in my twenties I remember a friend talking about needing to wash her hairbrush. I thought to myself why are you washing it – sure I pull the tangled hairs off mine from time to time, but wash it?

Do you ever  wash your hair, it is lovely and clean, then you blow dry and brush it out and can’t understand why your hair feels oily when you’re finished!

Well my friend made me think about the times you brush your hair when it is oily and has build up – dirt, pollution and sweat. Overtime this transfers onto your brush.

I was soon a convert to washing my hair brushes and find that my hair stays cleaner for longer now.

Here are my tips to clean your hairbrush:

  • Remove all the hair you can from the brush – you can take a comb through it to loosen up and remove any stubborn hairs.
  • Get your shampoo. Apply some to the bristles and pad of the brush – then run under some warm water and start to massage the shampoo through. Don’t be afraid to get suds happening. Work up a lather to loosen the dirt and oil.
  • Once you’re sure you’ve given it a good clean, give it a good rinse under running water.
  • Now dry the handle and back of the brush. Then leave it to dry, with the bristle facing down so any moisture doesn’t get trapped.

Make sure you do this from time to time and if you spot any damaged or split bristles it might be time to get a new brush – these could be damaging your hair.

Now you’ll have lush hair everyday!


One thought on “Beauty tip – how to have clean hair for longer

  1. Caroline says:

    I keep the shampoos from hotels for this (and washing make up brushes), rather than wasting my ‘good’ shampoo.

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