How to sleep better

I bought an Ipad a few months ago. While I love the convenience of it, it has slowly crept into my bed and started interfering with my sleep.

While I know it doesn’t actually have legs and I’m not snuggling it between myself and my husband, I’m all too eager these days for an extra five minutes on Pinterest before bed, or one last look at instagram.

And all this has started me thinking about how to get the best sleep possible. There are all the obvious things like going to bed early enough (yep – those are the nights when you lie awake until 3am because you went to bed at 8.30pm), and don’t drink a double espresso at 9.00pm. But there are a few extra tips that you might not have seen before that I think are worth sharing:

  • It’s time for bed but you’ve still got things to do? Write them down or even better, diarise them. You won’t lie awake thinking about them, because you’ll know that you have already made a time to deal with them.
  • Ditch dessert. Have a cup of tea instead. All dessert does is keep your body digesting for longer and increases the energy input at a time when you want to be winding down, not amping up. Save it for the weekend and have a mega dessert!
  • Habits are really the key to a good night’s sleep. I have a really strong smell association so something that works particularly well for me is to have an essential oil mix or an aromatherapy balm – my favourite is Perfect Potion Chill Out Balm. The smell even works for babies and husbands too!

Sweet dreams lovelies!



One thought on “How to sleep better

  1. Nicky White says:

    Using any technology even a couple of hours before bed is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. It’s all about the blue light emitted by screen based devices which over-stimulates the brain. It is far better for you to use a warm reading light and read a real book instead. Old school wisdom!

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