How to style supermarket flowers

By Lucy Dore

Every time I do my grocery shop I walk past the flower stand – you know the one, the flowers look sad, wedged together in their plastic wrapping. But if you see beyond that, you will actually find with a few simple tricks those flowers can look as good as the ones from a florist, at a fraction of the cost.

I love flowers

Really what isn’t to love, they look good, they smell good – if they could cook you dinner and pour you a glass of wine they might be perfect. But like most things that are good on paper, they have a downside – they are expensive. If you get a bunch of flowers from the florist, they can cost the earth. But they don’t have to cost the world.

  flowers 1

Pretty in pink 

It’s a cliché, but roses really are the easiest flowers to style. If you buy them in season they can also be cheap. Whatever colour you choose for your rose, buy some extra, smaller flowers in a similar colour palette. In my case I got light pink roses, so I also got some dark pink natives and white coloured flowers to compliment. Get your vase and hold your flowers up against it. In my case the stems were much higher than the vase. You want the flowers to only sit just above the vase line. Cut the stems to take the extra height off. While your doing this also take the extra leaves off each stem. This gives the flowers a cleaner look and doesn’t crowd the vase. Then place the flowers into your vase Now add in your complimentary flowers to add texture and colour. Natives are a great way to bulk out an arrangement, as they are much cheaper. Add a stem one by one until you achieve a balanced bouquet. photo 1 photo 2 Then all you need to do is add water and find the perfect spot to place them. Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 4.50.25 pm

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