How to be more polished

By Alice Dore-Jones

You know that girl you see every day when you head down to grab your morning coffee. She stands there waiting for her skim latte looking prim, composed and basically like she has her shit together- most mornings you hate her (okay it’s an everyday thing but whose counting).

The voice in your head quickly makes excuses for why you’re looking the way you do and she is looking so fantastic:
  •  “Bet she didn’t start at 6am this morning”
  • “While she was spending two hours getting ready I went for a run, put on a load of washing and made my lunch for the day”
  • “Bet, she’s just soooo into herself and I’m just not a high maintenance girl“
 Well, last year I realised that shlepping into work looking half done didn’t really scream “go getter” to my bosses and maybe, just maybe, I actually wanted to be more like the skim latte girl.  See, I’ve come to realise that how you present yourself is a walking billboard for your brand and it’s really up to you how you want your brand to be viewed. I made a decision that I no longer wanted to be considered the sort of person that could possibly still be wearing yesterdays eye make up…
Five things I’ve done to look more together at work:
  1. Make your makeup routine easy. I’ve got mine down to using 5 items. Conceal, foundation, bronze, eyebrow pencil and mascara = Done. If I have more time then I have plenty more I can do but these five make for a passable look. Added bonus, I can even do it on the train to work.
  2. Have a go to hair style for when you’re rushed. Be it a top knot, a messy pony tail or a bed head wave. Find one you can master and works for you. Then at least once a week do something completely different. It’s a nice reminder to people around you that you’ve got more then one look and can mix it up. But, overall don’t be afraid to rock the same look everyday to save time and have a style which you can nail. I mean look at Anna Wintor. She’s been the same for years. Just make sure it’s pulled together and suits you.
  3. Pick your outfit the night before. Life is so much easier when you have all your clothes selected and ready to go. It’s just one less thing to think about and waste time on in the morning. With modern weather reports you have a fairly good idea of what the next 24 hrs will look like. Again, don’t be scare to pull out something special from time to time.
  4. Wear heels. I’m bias on this one as I’m short and I think people take me more seriously in them. I just think something happens when you wear heels. They make you stand taller (of course), have a more glamorous look (red carpets rarely have flats) and they are just so cool! If your not into heels find something that helps hold you in a more confident way. Cinderella is proof a good pair of shoes can change a girls life.
  5. The devil is in the details. Think, clean clothes, clean teeth, brushed hair and ironed clothes. A signature spray of perfume and dry shampoo for a quick getaway. All these little steps pull your look together.
I’m going to put my money where my mouth is… follow our instagram account for the next 5 days as I put the above into practise each day and show that it’s possible to be the skim latte girl!

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