Link loving for the week

All those times it looked like we were doing important things on the Internet this week, well we were really looking at these links… Enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

Well being Ever wondered what Kayla Itsine’s day on a plate looked like… well look no more! Adventure Imagine having your morning coffee here. Career Cupcakes and Cashmere are running a series on all things work. So far, they have covered: finding a job, resume, cover letter, the interview and the follow-up. Good tips to check out. Interiors How amazing would it be to have a wall covered with one of these wallpapers Gorgeous It seems everyone is going for the Lob (long bob). I’m thinking it’s time to join in. Here is a gallery to inspire you: Love There is a person in this article who can with 95% accuracy predict if a couple is going to still be together in six years.. read on! There is the key to a good relationship in  their observations. Nourish This recipe has become a regular in my house hold: Extras And if you feel like some more web browsing for this weekend: These video’s made me want to be a ballet dancer: I’m in love with this label: If your hair game is not strong, maybe like me you might like the idea of learning one of these tricks on the weekend:

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