Eyebrows like Miranda Kerr

By Alice Dore-Jones

A few years ago I decided I wanted eyebrows like Miranda Kerr. Because let’s face it if you were looking for an example of eyebrow perfection Ms Kerr would be on that list.  Read on to see my transformation from over plucked to Kerr worthy brows.

Out of shape brows

There is a meme on Instagram which says: “When I was little I had no idea eyebrows would be so important to me”.  This is 100% my experience. If you’d have told me that my brows would be one of my favourite features I would have stared at you blankly- huh, what now?

I never really understood brow shaping. This will become very apparent when you see the pictures below. I thought you got in there with wax or tweezers and just went for it.  So, when I hit my 20’s my brows were a wiry, nasty, over plucked train wreck that wouldn’t look out of place on the face of a junkie (no offence to junkies- I’m being pretty harsh). I think I tried to follow a step by step in a magazine and in an attempt to make a great shape… I removed all shape. In fact I was actually missing nearly half a brow.

alice one

So how did I turn this around? and how can anyone have Miranda Kerr eyebrows? I found a brow lady. I like to call these folks brow whispers (it makes them sound all mystical). They work their brand of magic and with time you have killer brows. Not just any brows but the type that wouldn’t be out of place on the runway. They are the personal trainers of the brow world and know how to whip those babies into shape. Cause coming from where I did my brows needed some serious training!

Now, please do not head to a brow bar in the middle of a cosmetics department. These are over rushed and  often under qualified talent who are not going to get you to where you want to be. I’ve had first hand experience with two friends  going down this path. One having skin ripped off her face and the other, the full end of her brow being removed (seriously it was a disaster!). Pay the extra money and see someone who does this as their full time job. Not their part time one to get through uni, etc.  If you space out the visits you’ll be in a better position with the good person then the mediocre one and the cost will be similar.

I use to see Lien Davis. She owns and runs  Brows and make up. With Lien, I finally got help growing out my brows and getting them to a good shape.  At one stage she created a comb over to help fill out the space, so she knows sneaky tricks to get you there. I’ve since moved brow ladies (like a good personal trainer sometimes you just want to change things up) to Roxy at Kristen Fisher Eyebrows. I’m loving the direction she has taken my brows.

What have I learnt in this process:

  • Only pluck at home- it gives you more control of shape and better results. Leave the waxing to the whizz kids.
  • Be patient- there will be little spots you are just going to have to give time to grow back.
  • Trimming can also help create shape. For instance, the tops of the hair at the start of the brow- it helps to create the fluid line along the top of my brow. BUT don’t trim too often and get carried away. I like to do it once a week and no more.
  • Use a good eyebrow pencil. I now use Kevyn Aucoin ($35 from Mecca cosmetics). It does not have any red tones in the brown, so it looks more like the actual hair your trying to fake is there and it’s not so dark that it makes my brows heavy.

The first appointment I had with Lien she got out the ruler and measured out where my brow should start from, end and arch. This is so important and following this basic formula will help you find your brows best shape.

Some tips for doing this yourself

  1. Draw an invisible line directly up from the edge of your nose. This is where your brows should start.  TIP: Want the illusion of a thinner nose? Then start your brow at your desired nose bridge width. The rule is: The further apart your brows are, the wider your nose will look.
  1. Your eyebrows should end in line with the corner of your nose and the outer corner of your eye.
  1.  Place your brow arch in line with the OUTER edge of your iris…not the centre.

This diagram helps to make sense of this (and Miranda as a example shows the tips in practise- or does she have a really odd eye patch graphic on her face- you decide). alice two

I’ve found when trying to keep my brows in shape at home following these three steps really helps. However, while great for maintenance I would still highly recommend seeing someone like Lien or Roxy to create the shape for you in the first place. I then use my brow pencil to create small stokes (like the hairs would be if they were there) to fill in the blanks and add shape. Set with a brow gel (or tiny bit of hair spray if you don’t have gel handy) and a little bit of illuminator under the brow to highlight the rise of the arch.

My eyebrows today

Here is what my eyebrows look like now- freshly shaped by myself and then filled in for the day (also mascara and curled lashes help with making brows pop too). Unknown-2

I can’t claim brows exactly like Miranda Kerr but from my starting point I’d say I’ve got as close as a mere mortal can and I’m happy with that.

More tips from ladies with fantastic brows: Some other blog posts I’ve found handy in the education and quest for great brows:

Zoe Marshall does a quick beauty how to at her blog: http://zoemarshall.com/how-to-fill-in-eyebrows/

Or this fantastic video over at Beauticate: http://www.beauticate.com/how-to/how-to-create-bold-beautiful-brows

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