Product review: ModelCo Double Sided Face Wipes

I’ve recently found myself in a bit of a “situation”. I ordered my favourite facial cleanser online and it just has not show up. Not happy, Jan. I won’t disclose the name of the company (yet! I’m assuming there will be a grovelling email from them in my inbox anytime now, to follow on from my lovely, polite and timely enquiry about WTF is going on).

 So the moral of this story is that I’ve been forced to resort to whatever stash of facial cleansing products I had on hand. I scored a free pack of ModelCo Double Sided Face Wipes a few weeks ago. I usually only resort to wipes (which I consider the facial equivalent of a sponge bath) at times of great need, such as long haul flights, camping or pre-gym make up removal. However, desperate times call for desperate measures, so I’ve been using them for the past week. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised.

My skin has maintained its usual level of moderately good behaviour (it’s no saint but we get along ok) and I’ve been impressed by the little closure dooby-whappy that keeps the wipes from drying out. The wipes also do a decent job of make up removal (noting that my make up level is barely ‘fresh faced’ and nowhere near ‘drag queen’).

I’m still not sold on the ‘Double Sided’ feature – you can flip your cleansing wipe over and holy moley, it’s miraculously become an exfoliating wipe. To me, it just feels like wiping your face with a facewasher – which I could do with an actual facewasher… for free.

 Overall, these do a decent job. If you’re anticipating a trip to the Sahara / music festival / glamping you can add these to your list.


*note: this is not a paid review

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The secret to a Victoria Secret Body… Ballet Beautiful!

By Alice Dore-Jones

I’m what you call an exercise fangirl. I’m obsessed with finding better and more effective ways to work out.  As such, one of my methods is to stalk Victoria Secret models on Instagram to find out who is training them. My theory is that these models have to work with the best in the business to maintain/create their bodies for their livelihoods. So, the people they train with are the shizz.

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Four tips for an easier life

By Lucy Hulm

Earlier this year I read the book ‘The happiness project’. It is a book where the author explores what makes people happy, the theories and philosophies of happiness and the things she did in her life to increase her own happiness.

It isn’t a book that says do X, Y and Z and you’ll be happy, but it gets you thinking about small things you can do in your life to make yourself happier.

I like being organised and using my time efficiently. It’s not all party and celebrate, a lot of our happiness comes from having the small things in our day to day life the way we like them. Here’s four things I put in place that have made me happier:

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Dating it’s a piece of cake

By Alice Dore-Jones

The life of a dating lady can be hard.  Figuring guys out can be tricky and keeping your sanity on the rollercoaster that is meeting new people can be difficult. If only you could find your life-partner with the ease you choose your favourite slice of cake… Well maybe you can!

Always here to offer a helping hand CHALK has come up with a handy dessert based guide to assist you when navigating your way through the dating scene.  Armed with this knowledge you’ll see dating really is a piece of cake…

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The F-word: is feminism really a dirty word in online dating?

Creating an online dating profile is much like marketing or shameless self-promotion. You have your product (that’s you), the promotion (the ‘About me’ section in your profile) and you provide physical evidence to support your claims (your photos). While there is perhaps a little more art than science involved in creating a ‘good’ online profile, the aim of the game is ultimately to differentiate yourself from comparable products in the market.

It’s a crude analogy likening people to products but as a marketer by trade I’m a firm believer in comparative analysis and so earlier this week I jumped online to peruse the dating profiles of other single women my age – purely in the interests of market research of course.

It’s fair to say that what I discovered ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous.

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The three beauty products I’m buying this month for glowing skin

By Alice Dore-Jones

Step away from that green juice! Cancel that appointment you had for a colonic and for goodness sake stop buying all those organic super foods that are apparently made from unicorn tears. Cause folks I’m here to share a secret I’ve discovered about achieving glowing skin. It doesn’t actually have to come from within… you can fake it! There is this awesome stuff called make-up and it’s bloody fantastic.

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